March was National Reading Month! Emily Sicilia, LifeTech’s Literacy Learning Facilitator, made reading exciting by turning it into a game! She created Reading Trivia, an event that brought together Learners, their parents, and the LifeTech team to enjoy food, fun, and reading!

I am an avid and passionate reader and I want to share this with the Learners.  One way I try to do this is with Reading Trivia. – Emily


Learners and their families enjoy food and fun!


Questions from “Who is the leader of the X-Men?” to “What is the name of Harry Potter’s owl?” were asked. When Emily finished reading the questions the Learners tried to answer them as fast as possible. Quicker answers meant a higher score. The Learners shared laughter and competitive banter as they snacked and learned about books they may not have read. At the end, we crowned a Reading Champion!


The Championship Team!


“The Learners had a great time!  Many have asked me to create other trivia events.  I anticipate having Movie Trivia and Comic Book Trivia coming soon!” – Emily