LifeTech Academy is a nonprofit K-12 that understands that children have different learning styles. We also understand that children retain more of their education when they are engaged and interested in the content, which led us to tailoring our curriculum to their individual needs and interests.

As a public school, LifeTech Academy provides a highly engaging and relevant education using the same state funds as any other public school. As a charter school, LifeTech is not able to receive millages that other public schools receive. Because of these rules, we rely on the generosity of private and corporate donors to assist us in bringing even greater opportunities to our Learners.

To do this, we cultivate donor relationships with those who support our mission of providing Learners with opportunities to make decisions for themselves. If you choose to partner with us in a donor capacity, your tax-deductible donation will help support:

  • The implementation of new programs to enhance relevant learning
  • The development of partner-exclusive project-based learning curriculum
  • Special events or activities hosted with LifeTech Academy
  • Unique learning opportunities with partners around the globe

It is because of our generous donors that LifeTech Academy can fulfill its vision of empowering Learners for life.