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Celebrating Another Year

Graduation So there we were, in the classroom at LifeTech Academy on June 17, 2016. The smell of graduation cake filled the air as smiling faces walked through the door. Families and friends gathered to support their loved ones on this momentous day. Pomp and Circumstance played on the baritone as guests were moved to [...]

Celebrating Another Year2017-06-28T22:34:23+00:00

Learners Become Dale Carnegie Graduates

Since January of this year, 32 LifeTech Academy Learners have been working extremely hard towards a goal: to be a Dale Carnegie Graduate! You may ask, “What does being a Dale Carnegie graduate mean?” “It means I have accomplished something. I am successful because I stuck with a well known program that helped me learn [...]

Learners Become Dale Carnegie Graduates2017-06-28T22:31:25+00:00

Learners Honored by United States Marines

Every month the US Marines come to the LifeTech main office in Lansing, or meet the Learners at a YMCA, and spend two hours working out and running through drills. This has been an incredible experience for many of our Learners, specifically Traci S. and Jimmy M., who have shown extreme dedication and commitment to [...]

Learners Honored by United States Marines2017-06-28T22:35:36+00:00

Fun with Reading!

March was National Reading Month! Emily Sicilia, LifeTech’s Literacy Learning Facilitator, made reading exciting by turning it into a game! She created Reading Trivia, an event that brought together Learners, their parents, and the LifeTech team to enjoy food, fun, and reading! I am an avid and passionate reader and I want to share this with the [...]

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Learners Experience the Value of Skilled Trades

LifeTech Academy Learners get hands-on training for high-demand jobs With over 85,000 vacant positions, the skilled trades have become a hot topic of conversation in the state of Michigan. People who are capable of working in construction, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and carpentry are in high demand, and are being compensated accordingly. There is a real [...]

Learners Experience the Value of Skilled Trades2017-06-26T16:48:09+00:00

Robotics Project Photoshoot

Our Learners had the opportunity to spend 10 weeks with our Strategic Partners at the Information Technology Empowerment Center(ITEC). During this time, held at LifeTech Academy’s main location, they learned about programming and building robots. The Learners spent less than two hours each week and were already able to create functioning robots for their robotics [...]

Robotics Project Photoshoot2017-06-26T16:48:25+00:00

Eaton RESA Opportunity for Learners

Eaton RESA offers exciting opportunities for LifeTech Learners. This organization provides their students with training in different industries. They are continuing to grow as a part of community. To meet the needs of businesses in the area they continually evaluate and adjust their services. By doing this, they create an environment that recognizes the needs [...]

Eaton RESA Opportunity for Learners2017-06-26T16:48:44+00:00

Pictures: United States Marines Fitness Training

On Thursday, September 24, 2015, the LifeTech Learners had the opportunity to earn Physical Education credit by working out with the United States Marines. The Learners went through "Combat Fitness Training" to simulate what it is like to be a Marine. If you "like" us on Facebook, you will receive updates relating to great opportunities. [...]

Pictures: United States Marines Fitness Training2017-06-28T22:28:59+00:00