America is filled wonderful stories about people did great things and changed the course of history. Often, kid find themselves bored with learning about the past. It may be an issue of relevance to their life. We’ve all been there before. We asked, “what does this have to do with my future?” Enter LifeTech Academy and Learning Facilitator Brad Holda. Brad had the idea of teaching the kids about history through the use of baseball. What is a better way of learning about the past than America’s favorite pastime? There isn’t one!

Over the course of the school year, Learners at LifeTech Academy dive into the history of baseball and the culture that surrounds it. Learners have the opportunity to learn about Jackie Robinson’s impact on the game and culture in America. What kind of adversity did he face? They also learn about the rules and scoring of the game. What does it mean to turn two? By the end, the Learners had a new appreciation for baseball and the rich history that goes with it.

As the project nears the end, the Learners have a chance to celebrate while they continue to learn. One day in late June the Learners and Brad Holda all meet for a jam packed day of baseball. In the morning, the group learns about keeping statistics on a ball game. After that, they get a chance to apply what they learned on the whiffle ball field in a live game and home-run derby.

Once the game is completed, the Learners enjoyed some hot dogs before heading off to Cooley Law School Stadium. The Learners got the chance to interview players and tour the ballpark before the game. They learned what it is like to be a minor league player through their interviews. By touring the ballpark, they could better understand the business side of sports.

Once the game started, the Learners kept track of the statistics of a real baseball game all while enjoying the sights and sounds of the ballpark. After working on this project they can take away a new appreciation for the history of baseball and its impact on the culture of the United States.

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