So there we were, in the classroom at LifeTech Academy on June 17, 2016. The smell of graduation cake filled the air as smiling faces walked through the door. Families and friends gathered to support their loved ones on this momentous day. Pomp and Circumstance played on the baritone as guests were moved to their feet and the graduates filed into the front of the ceremony. Kori Mocnik, one of the 6 graduating seniors, was able to give a speech to the audience. With passion and strength she showed us how to overcome obstacles and how to remain focused on the present and while fighting for your goals. She wowed her classmates as they reflected on what their near futures will bring them.
The majority of the graduating class will be attending Lansing Community College or Michigan State University in the fall where they will start their higher educational careers. In particular, Haley Lau will be studying at LCC to learn more about education and how she can give back to her community. She shared with her mentors that her experience at LifeTech Academy opened her eyes to the impact a school can have on any one person. Haley persevered through her senior year while finishing a Dale Carnegie course and an LCC class to show others that they, too, can make things happen with a strong work ethic and humility. We look forward to seeing the success that Haley will bring back to the Lansing area.

Alongside Kori and Haley, other graduates that are set up for success are Natalia Esquivel, Marco Guerra, Bailee Hutchings, and Sydney Pappenhagen. With hard work and dedication pushing them through, we are honored to have helped these wonderful young people start the beginning of the rest of their lives on a high note.

Open House

After graduation, and as summer rolls around, the Learners at LifeTech Academy get excited. Not only because of the extra time that they will have on their hands, and not even because the sun is shining (though, that is a huge piece for us Michiganders), but because it means they have accomplished something. The summer is a time for us to reflect on how awesome our Learners are and what they have done to make each school year better than the last. When thinking of the best way to celebrate our success and hard work, we thought of nothing better than a Carnival themed Open House.

On June 20, Learners, Learning Facilitators, friends, family, and community members gathered to end the year on a high note! Strategic Partners such as M3 Group, Akea Web Solutions, LAFCU, Douglas J. Aveda, GMCA, Dale Carnegie Training, itec, TinkrLAB, Omega Youth Empowerment, and others showed us amazing hands-on activities that our Learners have the opportunity to take part in– and some already have! 9 Learners had the opportunity to be a leader at this event as a Learner Ambassador. These individuals have already succeed in their academic work, they have already put many hours of dedication into building a relationship with one (or more!) of our Strategic Partners, and now had a chance to show their fellow classmates how to be successful.

The night was filled with popcorn, cotton candy, dunk-tanks, and fun. 10 lucky drawing winners went home with sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, and giftcards! Most importantly, we were able to celebrate our Learners and give them the appreciation that they deserve.