Cyber Learners Get Physical with U.S. Marines

Cyber Learners Get Physical with U.S. Marines

LifeTech Academy Learners have opportunities unique in cyber learning

One reservation parents have about cyber learning is that their students may lack physical exercise. At LifeTech Academy we’re dedicated to providing healthy opportunities for our Learners. Through our Strategic Partnership with the United States Marines, LifeTech Learners have the unique opportunity to experience world-class physical fitness program!

Because physical fitness is a year-round activity, the Learners have the opportunity to join the Marines at the Oak Park YMCA when it is cold outside, and outside in the sun at the LifeTech Academy main office when it’s warmer out!

Traci S. and Chloe W. doing crunches with Sgt. Terrence McMillin


It is important to the Marines for everyone to work together toward a common goal, so the Learners work as a team or in groups. At the end of one particular workout, the Learners cool down and talk about the importance of courage. The Marines ask, “What does courage mean to you,” to stretch their minds, at the same time they are stretching their bodies. That’s an opportunity that is certainly unique in cyber education!