We are extremely proud of all of our Learners at LifeTech Academy. From time to time we like to recognize their good work. Over the last year, our Learners have taken the time to build toward their future. Many have worked with Strategic Partners, some have volunteered in the community, and all of them have done spectacular work in their school work.

We wanted to take time to honor one of those Learners who has accomplished all those things.Grace Stoll has been a Learner with LifeTech Academy since September of 2015. She volunteers at Sparrow Hospital 2 hours/week, and is a blessing to all of our community through her selfless demeanor and room-lighting smile. She works on a robust set of design work with one of LifeTech Academy’s Strategic Partners, M3 Group, and will be Studying Graphics Design this fall at Lansing Community College through Eaton RESA.

Grace (left) graduates from Dale Carnegie Training


Grace loves people of all ages, and is a recent Dale Carnegie Training graduate! She loves designing amazing creations from folded Napkins, fancy hairstyles, sketching 2D images, and is quick to show off her creative photography. Grace was also recently in a local production of “Fiddler On The Roof” with her siblings and other LifeTech Academy Learners. When we think of Grace, we think of a leader who is willing to work hard to GET THINGS DONE. We are very proud of Grace and can’t wait to see all of the amazing things she does with the rest of her time at LifeTech Academy.