Since January of this year, 32 LifeTech Academy Learners have been working extremely hard towards a goal: to be a Dale Carnegie Graduate! You may ask, “What does being a Dale Carnegie graduate mean?”

“It means I have accomplished something. I am successful because I stuck with a well known program that helped me learn how to do well in school and in life. I learned that 90-95% of my success comes from just showing up, participating, and engaging,” Madisyn W., a sophomore, shared with a smile on her face. A freshman at LifeTech Academy and past graduate of Dale Carnegie, Traci S., mentioned “It means that I learned how to manage my stress and think on my feet when I come face to face with a stressful moment. The Dale Carnegie Course helped me to be more open and expressive of who I am. I also became more open minded of the people around me and their opinions when they differ from mine.”


Nick P. and STEM Learning Facilitator Matt Montney


Over the past 15 weeks, Learners at LifeTech Academy grew together. From 7th graders to 12th graders, we found that we had many things in common and many common goals. All Learners wanted to invest in themselves for the future. Whether it was to work on self confidence, people skills, communication skills, leadership skills, or how to manage worry and stress, all Learners became a family and worked as a team to reach their goals together. Many rounds of applause, high fives, whistles, and laughs were shared as the Learners stepped up and improved relationships in their personal, academic, and professional lives. They were intentional about the actions they take every day and the relationships that they build with their coworkers, teammates, peers at school, siblings, parents, mentors, and friends.


Grace and Rachel S. Celebrate with Instructor Alyssa Bellinger


Almost every time the classes met, you could find Learners playing hangman, listening to music, sharing experiences and stories, and laughing. It was no wonder we had so much fun while completing high school and college credit! Some had so much fun that they have decided to come back the next time the class is offered as a Graduate Assistant, so they can help their peers grow as much as they did.

“I’ve become so much more confident, and I’ve gotten so many more friends. I have been so much more happy,” said Ellie R. Another Learner, Jamonica P., shared that you should “Be more enthusiastic and make positive choices to help yourself and others. Don’t let up because others tell you you can’t do something- you can if you set your mind to it.”