LifeTech Academy Learners get hands-on training for high-demand jobs

With over 85,000 vacant positions, the skilled trades have become a hot topic of conversation in the state of Michigan. People who are capable of working in construction, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and carpentry are in high demand, and are being compensated accordingly. There is a real skilled labor crisis in Michigan, and around the country, which is why LifeTech Academy is offering Learners the ability to “test drive” a career in the trades while in high school!

Through a Strategic Partnership with the Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA), LifeTech Learners have the opportunity to begin earning their four-year international certification in one of many skilled trades fields. These are accredited post-secondary courses, each normally costing approximately $1,200 to attend. The neat part about this Strategic Partnership, is that each course completed satisfies high school credit, and every class a Learner takes while enrolled with LifeTech is absolutely free!

In January, our Learners started their first course, where they are learning about basic safety, and foundation-level skills. The GMCA instructor, Barry, has knowledge from a long career in both the trades and teaching newcomers, so our Learners were set up to succeed from day one. Part of that success includes the large chunks of math and English credit they are receiving as a result of completing the course!


Learners at Greater Michigan Construction Academy

Michael, Chris, Andrew, and Meghan begin their first day at GMCA with Barry, their instructor.


As the course progressed, the Learners began to work with tools on a project that brings all of their learning together. They received tips and tricks to make sure the work site was both efficient and safe. Everything from how to cut so that you do not hurt yourself, to how to use the tools in their most effective manner.


Learners working hands-on with materials, blueprints, and tools.


What were they working on creating? A step stool that they can take home and use in their homes! A real-world product that they built on their own, and can now use! Check out their work here.

Step stool

Jimmy stands on his step stool.


Through this course the Learners have seen the real application of what they are learning in the classroom. After completing this course they will be able to decide if they want to continue down the path of the skilled trades, or choose to try one of our other Strategic Partners for their next learning experience. No matter what they choose, they now have an appreciation of, and hands-on experience for, high-demand jobs.