LifeTech Academy Announces New Partnership with ITEC

LifeTech Academy Announces New Partnership with ITEC

LANSING, MI – LifeTech Academy announced today that it has formed a new strategic partnership with the Information Technology and Empowerment Center (ITEC), a nonprofit organization that prepares Lansing area children to participate in a global knowledge economy by increasing their technology skills. As a strategic partner, ITEC will bring the learning via the TechTransport and other programming, as a part of LifeTech’s real-world, hands-on, project-based learning.

“We are excited to have ITEC join us as a strategic partner,” said Matthew D. Anderson, Partner with Engaged Education, which provides a variety of support services to LifeTech Academy. “Not only will our Learners benefit from the tremendous practical, real-world experience they’ll gain, our other partners also benefit from these experiences. ITEC is helping LifeTech to train Michigan’s future talent.”

With ITEC, LifeTech Learners will have the opportunity to accelerate their learning in subjects such as science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as well as in robotics, writing and digital media.

“Through a creatively designed curriculum that’s in line with 21st century learning, our programs will help LifeTech Learners increase proficiency and gain confidence in their ability to pursue STEM coursework, learn how to work together as a team, develop academic and leadership skills, and learn how to compete professionally in a global economy,” said Kirk Riley, executive director of ITEC.

LifeTech Academy believes in partnering with businesses and nonprofit organizations that want to be influential in the education of youth. For information on the options to become a strategic partner, contact Matthew D. Anderson at (517) 290-3274 or, or visit

ITEC A Lansing-based nonprofit organization, ITEC makes learning fun and relevant for Michigan youth and families. Through innovative technology classes, we build knowledge, skills and excitement for coursework and careers in computer technology, engineering and math. ITEC programs increase educational performance and foster students’ confidence in their ability to compete professionally. ITEC’s vision is to enable Michigan residents to acquire flexible, transferable technological skills that will allow them to participate in a fast-paced global economy.

LifeTech Academy is Michigan’s Cyber School. As a blended-model cyber public charter school, LifeTech Academy utilizes strategic partnerships with businesses and nonprofits to make education relevant to each Learner’s interests. As the only 100% projectbased learning school in the state of Michigan, Learners are given opportunities to experiment with their learning, and develop at a pace that is appropriate for each individual. For more information, visit