Supporting LifeTech – Michigan Virtual Academy

Engaged Education is an incredibly innovative organization that is on the cutting-edge of education and developing human behavior in youth.

Engaged Education has one purpose – Develop human beings. Students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents, guardians, community leaders, and business professionals – All of these groups play a role in the education of young people.  Engaged Education unites these groups, and then do what they do best – Develop human beings.

Imagine a world where every teenager graduates high school with confidence in themselves…  Where they know beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is important to them, and what their values are…  Where they have a clear vision for their future, and how to obtain it… This is the world Engaged Education is creating.

Engaged Education strives to do exactly what their name says – Make education engaging.  They do this by creating opportunities that currently do not exist in education.  Opportunities like marrying the business and education sector for the benefit of both.  By forming Strategic Partnerships, the youth they serve have the ability to go work with their hands in the fields of their interest.  This project-based learning environment exposes kids to the wonders of different career paths they may have never fathomed, and builds towards their graduation.

With strengths in school management, curriculum design and development, professional development, grant writing, and possessing a proprietary cloud-based operating system, MyEngagedOS, they are capable of satisfying any school’s needs – public, private, charter, or otherwise.  LifeTech Academy utilizes their expertise.