Yes and no. Project-based learning means your child will learn by doing, rather than by sitting in a lecture and answering multiple-choice tests.

All of our projects are created by certified teachers. State and Federal standards are used to create projects, meaning your child will learn everything that any other child in Michigan will learn, they will just learn it in a way that is interesting to them, rather than the same way as everyone else. We remember not necessarily enjoying cutting open frogs, so we don’t make our Learners do that if we can give them alternatives.

Being a Learner at LifeTech, a Michigan Cyber School, will require a significantly higher level of self-discipline than attending a traditional public school.

In a typical public school setting, the students just show up in the morning and get sent home in the afternoon.

The benefit of this is two-fold:

  • Someday your child will be an adult who will need to be self-disciplined to maintain employment
    Would you rather them learn that skill now or later?
  • The second benefit is that your child can work on their projects on their schedule, meaning if your child learns best at 9pm, do schoolwork at night!
    Going on vacation in the middle of September? Great! Let us know where, and we can probably even make a project or two out of it.

You and your child are not tied to our arbitrary schedule – Learn anytime, anywhere!

Is your child in K-12th grade? If so, then YES! LifeTech Academy is designed as the 21st century solution to education.

IBM recently said that at the end of World War Two, the knowledge we had access to doubled every 24 years. As of the end of 2014, that knowledge now doubles every 24 hours, and you can access it with the same device that you are using to read this.

Knowledge is a commodity.

We teach everything the state requires for a high school diploma, and we do it in a way that is more relevant and exciting to your child. We also:

  • build your child’s confidence
  • teach people and communication skills
  • teach leadership skills
  • teach methods to handle stress and worry
  • help learners develop a vision for their education and their futures

If you like your child having advantages over other children, yes, this is right for your child.

LifeTech Academy is Michigan’s Cyber School.

As a cyber school, your child has the opportunity to learn anywhere and anytime.

LifeTech Academy is incredibly well-suited to serve home-schooled kids.

We have many Learners who were once homeschooled, and some homeschool graduates are on our team. LifeTech is a public charter school, so what that means is there is no cost to attend. LifeTech is also a virtual cyber school, meaning our Learners do not report to a classroom every day, and many learn from home via their issued devices.

In this sense, LifeTech is like homeschooling.

LifeTech is different from homeschooling in that our Learner’s parents do not need to create or purchase curriculum, and then teach their children subjects they may not be experts in.

Something that makes us unique in the public school arena is that we welcome any parent or guardian to be as actively involved as they would like to be, which could even be a level of activity similar to homeschooling. In this sense, a homeschooling family could utilize LifeTech Academy as a massive resource, while maintaining the level of interaction and oversight they desire.

Each Learner receives the level of attention they desire.

All Learners are assigned to a Learning Facilitator which is how we refer to our teachers.

The Learning Facilitators are available in a variety of ways, and much more available than a traditional teacher.

Every Learner is also assigned a Mentor. Mentors are like lay-teachers. They do not typically have teaching certifications – they are there to focus on the Learner as a person.

Mentors do check-in on projects. Their role is more about relationship-building and being an advocate for the Learner. All of our Learners develop a vision for their education and their future. It’s the Mentor’s job to help build that vision, and then hold each Learner accountable to their own vision.

At LifeTech Academy, we empower our Learners and assist them in reaching their vision for their future.

There are times where it becomes obvious to us and the Learner that a Michigan Cyber Academy may not be the right educational model for them. If that time occurs, we are committed to assisting our Learners and their parents/guardians in finding an alternative that is right for their learning style.

We can honestly say that this doesn’t happen very often. The majority of our Learners are thrilled to be in charge of their own education.

On the occasion that a Learner is better suited to learn in a different way, we are happy to make the transition easy and smooth. We are here to ensure your child thrives and earns their education.

We have one of the only schools designated as a Michigan Cyber School. This designation allows for the entity that possesses it to serve students throughout the state.

We currently have Learners as far north as the Traverse City area, with the majority of our Learners being from the middle of the state.

We provide the same opportunities for all of our Learners, regardless of their geographic location.

Dale Carnegie Training is for anyone who wants:

  • More self-confidence
  • Better people and communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Tools to handle stress

Traditionally, business people were the primary target market for this century-old program. In today’s rapidly changing global economy, working well with others is more important than ever, so we have each of our Learners take the only soft skills course that guarantees results.

Not only that, we’re incredibly fortunate to have one of the Top 10 Dale Carnegie Instructors in the world overseeing the training of all of our Learners. He is the #1 producer of training for youth in all of North America, and #2 in the world. With a trainer like that in your backyard, we’d be foolish not to share this opportunity with our Learners!

This course retails for $1,695. For our Learners, it’s absolutely free!

LifeTech Academy is a public charter school. Just like any other public school, there is no cost to attend. Unlike other public schools with large buildings, we are able to manage our costs in such a way that our Learners receive the maximum benefit of the money the school brings in.

We rely on the state and federal funds that are available to us, as well as grants, and the generosity of our private and corporate donors. If you would like to support the efforts of LifeTech Academy, you can do so here.

We get that a lot. Fortunately, it is real, and Engaged Education is being regularly solicited by groups who see the value of this style of education, to bring this model to other states and countries. When that happens, there will be even more opportunities for your child, as they will be able to work virtually with other kids from around the United States and the world.

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