Project-based learning means that everything your child learns as a Learner of LifeTech Academy will be based on a project.  Imagine being 16 and not caring about chemistry or math, because, “how is this going to help me in life?”  We remember thinking like that, so we give our Learners opportunities to learn in cool and interesting ways.

One of our Strategic Partners is Douglas J Aveda Institute. At Douglas J, our Learners can hang out with the cosmetologists and learn that if they mix the dyes incorrectly, they’ll get purple instead of blonde, or they could burn someone’s hair off – This is why chemistry is important to them.  Similarly, for someone to be a stylist, they will own a chair, which means they’ll need to understand and produce a profit and loss statement – This is why math is important to them.  This style of learning while doing is called project-based learning, and makes education more relevant for your kids, meaning they’ll retain more and will actually receive more benefit from their schoolwork.