New Strategic Partner Opportunity – StayMobile

New Strategic Partner Opportunity – StayMobile

Last month, we began a new Strategic Partnership with our friends at StayMobile! This partnership allows the Learners to get hands-on experience with the parts and pieces that make up the technology we all use on a daily basis.

What is it like to provide support for these gadgets and the people who use them? Well, the Learners that work with StayMobile are able to experience all of the steps of the repair process. To begin, they work one-on- one with the customers to better understand their issues. This is great for them to learn basic customer service skills. After exploring the issue, they can run various tests to see what the best course of action would be to fix the device. This allows them to learn the troubleshooting and repair process. Once the issue is known, they take apart the device either physically or through the programs to get it running again.

Chris learning how to take apart a device.

Technology is everywhere – Now our Learners will understand how some of it actually works, and they’ll earn high school credit while they do it! To learn more about this exciting new learning opportunity, contact Alyssa Bellinger at!