Our Learners had the opportunity to spend 10 weeks with our Strategic Partners at the Information Technology Empowerment Center(ITEC). During this time, held at LifeTech Academy’s main location, they learned about programming and building robots. The Learners spent less than two hours each week and were already able to create functioning robots for their robotics project. Below are some of the robots accomplishing a variety of tasks.

This robot, created by Elizabeth and Hannah, shows how the right settings can move objects in a cool way. After learning the proper coding they set the robot to throw small objects that are set on the basket.

LIMBO! Cipriano’s robot will change its shape so it can move around and under other objects when it notices something in it’s way. This video highlights the ability to go under a self made bridge.

This next robot can dance. Created and programmed by Jered, it shows off the spin feature. Coupled with other settings, it can get down on the robot dance floor.

Sometimes the robots meet up with a wall. This robot was programmed by Rachel. She shows how her robot gets out of these jams by using sensors to back up when approaching a dead end.

With the help of ITEC these Learners now have a foundation to build on as they move forward in their careers. Knowing how these programs work will allow them the ability to keep learning and innovating in the technology field. The future is bright and we look forward to more opportunities for other Learners to get involved with ITEC and LifeTech’s technology programs. This robotics project is just the beginning.

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