Michigan Virtual Academy Strategic Partners


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America is one of the nation’s leading workers’ compensation insurance organizations. 40% of the insurance industry’s workforce in Michigan is 55 years old or older, meaning the industry needs lots of new employees very soon. As a Strategic Partner of LifeTech Academy, our junior and senior-level Learners will have the opportunity to work closely with Accident Fund to learn about this exciting and important industry, earn high school credit, earn college credit, and earn industry certifications, and it’s all absolutely free!



Web Design and Creation of WordPress Websites

AKEA Web Solutions offers our Learners opportunities to design and build websites using a content management system called WordPress. Website Accessibility Standards (WCAG and Section508) is also incorporated into the training that is provided. Our Learners assisted in LifeTech Academy’s 2015 website refresh, and are earning credit for their schoolwork on various projects at this time.



Personal Development and Leadership Skills

All Learners at LifeTech Academy have the incredible opportunity to take the Dale Carnegie Course prior to receiving their high school diploma.  The course, which is over 100 years old, is the only soft-skills training program in the world to receive ISO 9001 certification.  That is a level of accreditation that some colleges don’t pursue because it is so rigorous.  The Dale Carnegie Course is designed to build confidence, increase people skills, develop communication skills, build leadership skills, and reduce worry and stress.  Over 8 million people worldwide have taken the course, including Warren Buffet, Chuck Norris, Danica Patrick, Lee Iacocca, Johnny Cash, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  This 12-week course has a retail value of $1,695, and can be accepted by many colleges for communication credits.  For the Learners of LifeTech Academy, it is absolutely free!



Cosmetology, Chemistry and Business Operations

Our Leaners have the incredible opportunity to shadow licensed cosmetologists to learn about the industry and gain school credit in topics like science and math at the same time!  Imagine a 16 year old and not caring about chemistry or math…  This is a reality for many teenagers.  With Douglas J as a Strategic Partner, those Learners have the ability to work with the cosmetologists and mix dyes, learning the importance of chemicals and their reactions.  Cosmetologists also own chairs in salons – This provides the opportunity to learn about math through the use of profit and loss statements.  This hands-on, project-based learning makes the education relevant to the Learner, engaging, and fun.  Learners are also able to attend weekly Site Visits at the East Lansing location.



Construction Industry and Trades

The Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA), is a skilled trades training school that is a 4-year alternative to college.  They award international certifications in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, and HVAC. Their coursework is thorough and intentional, leading to GMCA being awarded accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET), in 2015.  In addition to being able to attend Site Visits every week, our Learners can participate in GMCA’s intro course, Core, which is 12 weeks long, and focuses on the basics of working in the trades.



Technology Training – Robotics, Math, English and STEM

The Information Technology Empowerment Center (ITEC) is a Lansing-based nonprofit organization that makes learning fun and relevant for Michigan youth and families. Through innovative technology classes, they build knowledge, skills and excitement for coursework and careers in computer technology, engineering and math. ITEC programs increase educational performance and foster students’ confidence in their ability to compete professionally.  As a Strategic Partner, ITEC will provide programing for LifeTech Learners in robotics, math, English, and other STEM-related activities.



Banking, Finance and Business Management

LAFCU is proud to be mid-Michigan’s credit union, and takes pride in bringing value to the financial lives of its members, neighbors, families and community. LAFCU also understands that an educated community is a strong community, and proudly supports education for all ages. As a Strategic Partner, our Learners have the opportunity to learn about personal finance in the form of real-world scenarios, and have the opportunity to engaged in one-on-one mentoring from LAFCU senior-level staff!



Marketing and Branding, Publishing

M3 Group is an exciting partnership that allows Learners to participate in every aspect of a marketing and branding firm.  M3 works with big organizations like MSUFCU, and owns the Greater Lansing Business Monthly (GLBM), the Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine (CAWLM), and ing Magazine for MSU students.  From writing to editing, graphic design to layout, sales to production, M3 Group is ready to host teams of Learners to collaborate together to create a mock magazine, or LifeTech newspaper.



Servant Leadership

The mission of Omega Youth Empowerment is to help teens restore balance and wholeness in their lives through a year-round student-driven servant leadership experience. LifeTech Learners at Omega have access to empowerment coaching, along with LifeTech Learning Facilitators two days a week. In addition to this wonderful opportunity, Omega has leadership nights, and trips to the Grand Canyon and South Dakota for cultural immersion experiences with Native American tribes.



Zoology, Biology, Zoo Management and Operations

The Learners who attend Site Visits at Potter Park Zoo have the opportunity to participate in a Project of the Day that encourages them to go explore the zoo and learn about the animals, the exhibits, and animal habitat management.  Potter Park Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and is a participant of the AZA’z Species Survival Plan, which focuses on the preservation of endangered animals, and the development of strategies to protect and preserve their wild habitats.  In upcoming projects, our Learners could have opportunities to work on a project with the Zoo staff to redesign and update up to 600 animal exhibit descriptions, and work as a team to “run the zoo.”



Physical Fitness Training and Teamwork and Leadership

The United States Marines joined LifeTech Academy as a Strategic Partner to offer opportunities to learn about teamwork, leadership, caring for one’s self, and a variety of interesting science-based guest appearances from active-duty soldiers who work to protect our country from biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons.  Working out with the Marines is an exciting was to satisfy the physical fitness credit all of our Learners complete prior to graduating!


Engineering, Robotics and 3D Printing

tinkrLAB is a makerspace for kids. They offer a wide range of opportunities for young people to engage in learning. There are classes, workshops, and camps, which cover everything from 3D Printing to Robotics. The team at tinkrLAB wants all of the kids to imagine, develop, and build, no matter what their age or experience. LifeTech Learners that attend tinkrLAB will have the opportunity to work in exciting makerspaces, express their creativity, and build things using their skills and knowledge. Learners will even have the opportunity to build 3-D Printers.



Performance Arts, Theatre, Play-Writing and Acting

The Wharton Center for Performing Arts has partnered its MSUFCU Institute for Arts and Creativity with LifeTech Academy!  This opportunity allows LifeTech Learners to participate in life-changing performing arts experiences.  Attending performances is just the beginning – Our Learners have the opportunity to be in productions lead by Broadway directors, compete in national play-writing competitions, immerse into week-long performing arts camps, and many other exciting things that we are developing with the Wharton right now!