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Bailey, LifeTech Learner

Bailey shares why Learners love LifeTech Academy.

Maggie, LifeTech Parent

Maggie shares why Parents love LifeTech Academy.

Sydney, LifeTech Learner

Sydney P. shares how the flexibility of her schedule allows her to follow her passion.

Matt Montney, STEM Learning Facilitator

Matt Montney discusses the importance of STEM education and the role it has at LifeTech Academy.

Emily Sicilia, Literacy Learning Facilitator

Emily shares how the nature of LifeTech Academy allows for deeper relationships between the staff and the Learners.

Xavier, LifeTech Learner

Xavier B. shares what he thinks about being able to learn whenever, wherever.


Learner Becomes Leader

We are extremely proud of all of our Learners at LifeTech Academy. From time to time we like to recognize their good work. Over the last year, our Learners have taken the time to build [...]

Learning with Pokemon Go!

LifeTech Academy has recently been featured in an news piece by HOMTV on our work with the Learners. We took our Learners to Meridian Historical Village to play Pokemon GO and network with other trainers. [...]

Project-Based Learning Examples

The learning is engaging, project based, flexible, innovative, and meets the highest state and national standards.


Personal Development and Leadership Skills

All Learners at LifeTech Academy have the incredible opportunity to take the Dale Carnegie Course prior to receiving their high school diploma.  The course, which is over 100 years old, is the only soft-skills training program in the world to receive ISO 9001 certification.  That is a level of accreditation that some colleges don’t pursue because it is so rigorous.  The Dale Carnegie Course is designed to build confidence, increase people skills, develop communication skills, build leadership skills, and reduce worry and stress.  Over 8 million people worldwide have taken the course, including Warren Buffet, Chuck Norris, Danica Patrick, Lee Iacocca, Johnny Cash, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  This 12-week course has a retail value of $1,695, and can be accepted by many colleges for communication credits.  For the Learners of LifeTech Academy, it is absolutely free!