Learner Pursues Psychology Career While Juggling Work and School

Morgan Hall

Morgan Hall

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LifeTech Academy offers Learners the opportunity to pursue their passions by getting involved in clubs, our Early Middle College and dual enrollment. One high schooler enrolled at LifeTech Academy at the beginning of the pandemic and found the dual enrollment to be a great resource for pursuing her dream of studying psychology. 

Making the switch 

“Dual enrollment was something that I had really wanted to do for a while and my old school was not offering it to me so this was my chance,” said Learner Bronwyn. “I signed up as soon as possible and I have loved it ever since. I get a much better learning experience suited to how I learn as a student.”

Bronwyn is thriving in the LifeTech Community. She is spending a large portion of her academic time focusing on the subject she is very enthusiastic about. 

“I have always loved the world of psychology,” Bronwyn said. “It has been a big interest of mine to know how the mind works, its reaction to outside stimuli and why people think the way they do. The opportunity that I was given to take college classes for free was a blessing because I could finally take classes that pertained to my favorite interest.”

A balancing act 

In addition to Bronwyn’s schoolwork she also juggles her job and spending time with friends and family. 

“A typical day for me usually starts with waking up around 7 a.m. to go to work,”  Bronwyn said. “I am a barista and most days of the week I usually work until 3-4 p.m. When I get home, I start working on school. I used to try and do a little bit of everything in one day to spread it out, but I found that for me I work best doing one subject a day! I seem to retain the information better when I solely focus on one class at a time. Some days I have in-person classes at OCC as well. I take Abnormal Psychology on Mondays and Wednesdays and Social Psychology on Thursdays. I tend to be very busy, but I still try to make time for my social life! That is something very important to me – making sure I always have time to have fun and see my friends. I try to eat dinner every night with my family too. I think that is another important thing.” 

The LifeTech Experience 

We love helping Learners find ways to learn while focusing on subjects and topics they are interested in. Bronwyn is a great example of the joy that often happens when Learners have the opportunity to play an active role in their academic choices. 

“I have not felt so cared about as a Learner at any other school I have attended,” Bronwyn said. “This isn’t me trying to sound like an AD! It is just what has really worked for me! I am a lot happier with my learning experience.”

Why did you join the LifeTech Community? 

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