LifeTech Academy is Michigan’s Cyber School. Serving Learners all throughout the state of Michigan, LifeTech has four things that make it different from other schools.

  • LifeTech Academy is a cyber public charter school, which means attending LifeTech is absolutely free. All of our Learners also receive a Chromebook, and work on schoolwork from wherever they are comfortable.
  • LifeTech offers multiple learning paths, based on Learners’ needs, goals and interests.  Blended learning, 100% virtual or on a college campus through dual enrollment are all options at LifeTech Academy.
  • LifeTech sends all Learners through the Dale Carnegie Course. This course, developed over 100 years ago, teaches confidence, people and communication skills, leadership, and how to deal with stress and worry. Business leaders like Warren Buffett credit the Dale Carnegie Course with changing their lives and setting them on a path to success.
  • LifeTech has a two-tier instructional model. Each Learner is assigned to a Learning Facilitator, what we call our certified teachers. They are also assigned to a Mentor, to support Learners to set and meet goals, helping Learners to be more successful.

LifeTech is focused on helping your child define a vision for their future. This process is designed to present options for future career paths, and help your child learn whether or not they really want to pursue the path they are on, by letting them learn based on their interests. Having a vision helps the Learner to understand what they need to do in order to graduate, and why, and also helps lay a path for their success beyond high school.