LifeTech Learners Go on Adventures and Write Their Own Stories

Emily Charles

Emily Charles

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Hello LifeTech friends and family! Do you like going on adventures? What if the adventure could be whatever you want it to be? Well then I bet you would love our Dungeon and Dragons (DND) Club! DND is a roleplaying game where you can explore magical places, battle dangers around every corner, search for treasure, and so much more. The possibilities of what you can accomplish are endless. This game also teaches group problem solving skills, teamwork, math, and allows players to let their imagination run wild! 

How to Play

Dungeons and Dragons is a roleplay game filled with storytelling. The game takes place in a time of sorcery and swords and, to determine the consequences and outcomes of their actions as they go on their adventure, they roll dice and leave the story to chance.  The dice will decide if an attack is a hit or a miss, if they take a safe route or scale a cliff, or anything else you can think of. Anything is possible with this game and the dice help make the results seem more probable. 

To play DND, every player creates a character and forms a team to go on adventures with. They all work together to do things like exploring an old city, a mysterious mountain, a castle or even a temple in a jungle. On these adventures, players will work with other characters to solve puzzles, battle monsters, and find magical items and treasures. 

There is a Dungeon Master (DM) that narrates the story while the rest of the team members work together to navigate that story with help from the dice. Our learner Luke is currently our DM and he loves being able to create a world with his creativity and vision then share it with his friends. 

“My favorite part about the club is that no one is judged for doing something evil and that we are the (at least in my opinion) the most chaotic club out of them all!” -Luke

Creating something fun with your friends is the best part about DND! The club is currently working on creating a new campaign and making Alex, another DND team member, a DM for the new game. 

Learners that are in grades 6-12 are more than welcome to come check us out at our next meeting. The LifeTech DND Club currently has 8-10 active members and are looking to add 5 more people to their team! 

How to Join

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, the club meets every Friday at 3pm. Come to a meeting and check it out! There is a little bit of a learning curve when you first join, but our Club advisor Stephanie Neff or DM Luke would be more than happy to help with any questions you have along the way. When you are still learning how to play, what your character can and can’t do, and how the dice affect you, it can be a little confusing. But, the more you play and the more you listen to the other club members playing, the faster you catch on and feel more confident playing! 

“I love seeing the kids interact and have fun with it! They are able to be really creative and tap into their imagination and it’s just a lot of fun all around :)” – Stephanie

 The club also has a chat room where members go to socialize and this is where they really start to feel like a group of friends as well as a team. They talk about whatever they feel like talking about here, it could be about the session, to show cool art they made, or even just to send memes. It’s a relaxed and safe place for DND members to get together and have fun and socialize!

If you want to get creative, let your imagination run wild, join a team, make new friends, and learn valuable skills like group decision making and problem solving, then DND is for you! The team would love to have you at their next meeting. 

We hope to see you at the next meeting!


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