How Xello Helps Students Plan for a Successful Future

Emily Charles

Emily Charles

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Hi, Learners! If you’re reading this you are most likely at a stage in your educational career where you start thinking about how to answer the question “what do you want to do when you graduate?” This might be a stressful question, especially when you have not seriously thought about your options. When I was in school, we began taking personality tests and career assessments to help us figure it out in the 8th grade. I always thought that this was really early to start thinking about something that is so far away. But really, I ended up deciding too late. 

We used a program called Career Cruiser and I didn’t think it was really time to start thinking about my career so I didn’t take it seriously. My results were nothing that interested me and I just dismissed the whole experience. My friends that took it seriously started to figure out what field they wanted to study in college and even possible career pathways. Then when we started high school, they took AP courses and early college courses at Lansing Community College. Taking that assessment seriously and starting early saved them thousands of dollars and I wish I had taken it more seriously and thought about it sooner. Career assessments can be intimidating, but they are more of a guiding tool than anything, and Xello is a guiding tool that I definitely wish I had while I was in school.

What is Xello?

LifeTech Academy has learners take career assessments through a program called Xello. Xello works harder than most other programs to engage the participants for a more accurate assessment. This college and career planning software will help learners prepare for a successful future by helping them build personalized plans, critical life skills, and knowledge about themselves. 

It is never too early to start learning about what you’re passionate about and begin thinking about what job you might want to do someday. Learning about the working world and what it has to offer is just one of the things that Xello helps learners realize. This program has several self-assessments that help students realize what path to career development is best for them. These assessments will also help them stay on track with their virtual learning goals and stay on the pathway to be ready for the world!

Xello believes that “an engaged student is a successful student. Some students know what they want to do and just need someone to show them how to get there. Other students have no idea and need a lot more help figuring it out. Xello helps both of those students get where they want to be and discover what path is best for them. This preparation can start as early as kindergarten! Xello has programs set up for elementary school, middle school, and high school. One of the program advantages once it gets to the high school level is that Xello helps make sure students meet federal and local requirements for college readiness. 

Xello doesn’t just assess a learners skills and abilities, but helps them to further develop them! Using this program, students will gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, skills, and interests. This information is all compiled and then used to show potential career options. Student portfolios are used to showcase this information and make it easy for learners to reflect on who they are as they complete their journey. These portfolios will be useful for career choice, deciding on a college, building your resume, and creating a pathway to a successful future. Xello isn’t just an assessment or a planning tool, it is a guide to help you develop into the amazing member of society that we know you will be! I encourage you to take full advantage of this resource and use it to get ahead if you can. I know I wish I did! 


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