LifeTech Academy’s Dr. Angelina Zeller and Mr. Phil Zeller Receive LCC’s 2021 Distinguished Alumni Award

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For the first time in Lansing Community College history, there will be two recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Angelina Zeller, founder of LifeTech Academy and owner, CEO and founder of Engaged Education, will receive the award this evening alongside husband Mr. Phil Zeller, owner and CEO of Dale Carnegie Southwest Michigan

Dr. and Mr. Zeller have dedicated their lives to revolutionizing education in Michigan. Dr. Zeller developed LifeTech Academy after identifying the need for a school with “possibilism,” as the central belief. Today, K-12 students from all over the state are offered the opportunity to receive a customized education, based on personal and family goals, with individual support systems. Mr. Zeller has enriched the culture for the staff and team, by providing Dale Carnegie training. 

“Dale Carnegie has been a wonderful chance to develop my social skills and confidence while learning how to develop deeper relationships and reduce stress. I will be able to use what I have learned and will learn in this class for the rest of my life,” said Learner Dylan Thomas. 

LifeTech Academy equips Michigan’s youth with the same powerful training tools that Mr. Zeller uses in his corporate, business and individual training. He has gained worldwide recognition for his work. Many Learners are vocal about the boost in confidence they receive after completing training, something that prepares them for success beyond the classroom.

Dr. Zeller has continuously created new opportunities for Michigan kids. Dual enrollment is often utilized for LifeTech Academy’s upperclassmen, allowing them to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. She has also developed one of Michigan’s only Early Middle College programs, giving Learners the chance to earn a high school diploma and associate degree, simultaneously. Most (and in many cases all) classwork may be done virtually, reaching areas that are often underserved.

“I got the wonderful opportunity to attend both Ferris State University and Lansing Community College as early as my Junior year. Because of this opportunity, it allowed me to not be held back like the typical educational system was previously doing to me, and to completely skip over my Senior year English classes and go straight into college freshman courses. Not only did this better my education, but it gave me the confidence to set, and achieve bigger goals,” said Learner Kaitlyn Balcom. 

Help celebrate Dr. Zeller and Mr. Zeller’s achievements by joining Lansing Community College’s virtual commencement ceremony at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 13  by clicking here or checking out LCC’s Facebook page.


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