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Morgan Hall

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Flexibility is a priority for both our Learners and our Team. Former LifeTech Academy Learner, Abby Penner, is now a freshman at Brigham Young University and has made the decision to remain an active member of our community this year as a Learning Coach. Our flexible schedule allows Abby to enjoy life as a college student while serving LifeTech Learners.  

“I appreciate the flexibility of LifeTech and the support all of my teachers and even my own mentor offered. I wanted the chance to give back to other students in the same capacity,” Abby said. 

As a LifeTech Learner Abby was a founding member of our Student Government Association, a member of the National Honor Society and took several college classes through our dual enrollment program. The Learners she works with have the unique chance to learn from someone who not only understands the opportunities available to them, but has maximized on them herself. 

“As a mentor who was previously a Learner at LifeTech, I am able to offer Learners support from their perspective,” Abby said. 

Abby understands the pressures of balancing school, outside activities, and jobs as both a Learner and Learning Coach, offering advice from both viewpoints. 

“My number one tip for balancing work and school is using a weekly planner. I write down all of my work tasks and school assignments then I cross off the things I have completed.”

We look forward to keeping you updated on Abby’s progress at BYU as she majors in neuroscience and enjoys campus life (as pictured above). What LifeTech Community Member should we feature next?


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