Women’s History Month With Jessica Hames-Penner

LifeTech Academy Blog Team

LifeTech Academy Blog Team

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate and reflect on the accomplishments of women from the past and present who positively impact us today. Assessment Coordinator, Jessica Hames-Penner, shares 7 women who inspire her.

1) My mom: Carolyn Jett Hames. She was the strongest, most hardworking, and loving person that I have ever known. She loved me in spite of my flaws and mistakes. I watched her teach, love, and change the lives of her students. She taught me the meaning of pure, unconditional love. She taught me by example, how to fight cancer with grace and strength. If I could be just half of the woman and mother she was, I would be more than satisfied and proud of who I have become. 
2) Abigail Penner. My beautiful, strong, daughter has taught me everything I ever needed to know about love. She has proven to me that there will always be good in this world. She is a ray of sunshine, and my source of inspiration to be a better person. She is dependable, compassionate, super smart, and forgiving. 
3) My sisters: Christi Dolbeer, Angela Sahurie, Miranda Self and Mary Hames. They have all taught me differing lessons throughout the course of my life. They have provided strength, support as well as amazing examples of how to be kind, honest, decent, and relentless in following their dreams and goals. These women help others and doing the right thing. They are all professionals and mothers. 
4) Dr. Kelley Haynes from Auburn University. She taught me to never give up despite overwhelming, seemingly crippling adversity, and that you can depend on others to help. 
5) Dr. Jennifer Dail and Charlotte Pass (my English teachers at The University of Alabama). They taught me the praxis of English education and pushed me to my limits  (with unwavering support), helping me get my Master of English Education. 
6) Dr. Carol L. Higy from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She taught me that teaching is more than just reading and writing. She showed me by her example how leadership works. She created a roadmap for me to follow that showed me step-by-step how to change lives through committed, non-judgemental mentorship and how to juggle challenges while still being a stalwart, dependable, resource for the people around me.
7) Dorena Penner. My mother-in-law has taught me that you do anything and everything for family.

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