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Many Learners know Tarl Chapman as an Academic/ Learning Coach who is passionate about history, but did you know that before he joined the LifeTech Academy team, he served in the military? In honor of Veterans Day we asked Tarl to share his experiences with us. 

What did you learn from being in the military?

“I learned so much,” Tarl said. “Probably the most important things I learned while serving are the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment. They have become my core values in everything I do at LifeTech Academy. Beyond that, I learned about the Navy’s rich traditions and history, and a deep appreciation of all service members and their families, past and present. The sacrifices made are remarkable and should be respected by all Americans.”

Have you been able to transfer the lessons you learned in the military to civilian life and your current position at LifeTech Academy?

“I carry the Navy’s core values with me,” said Tarl. “I try to apply them in all things I do, especially at LifeTech.” 

How do you plan on celebrating Veterans Day? 

“I like to spend Veterans Day talking to other Vets, and hearing their stories. As a former journalist in the Navy and a current historian, I love to hear stories. It has been my experience that many older Vets need to share their stories with an appreciative audience, and I try to honor them by being that audience.”

Is there anything else you would like readers to know? 

“Regardless of politics, service to the country should be honored. The sacrifices made by service members and their families should be recognized and celebrated,” said Tarl.

Thank you for your service, Tarl. We are grateful for Veterans today and each day of the year!


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