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It is nearly impossible to express just how much of an impact educators have on the lives of the students they teach. When picking an online school, knowing that the student will be in a distance learning environment, it is more important than ever to make sure that their educators truly care about each child’s learning outcome. Having a teacher that is there for their students and keeps their best interests in mind makes a huge difference in the success of a learner.

When I was going through school, I had one particular teacher that stood out above the rest. You could tell just by having a conversation with them, or watching them teach their class, that they were there for the students. It wasn’t just about the job, but about making sure the students were learning the content. But they took it even farther than that, this teacher made themselves available for students to talk to if they had anything that they were struggling with.

Knowing that I had someone that was at my school that truly had my best interests at heart and wanted to see me succeed made a world of a difference in how well I did academically. No matter who it is, whether it’s a coach, teacher, parent, counselor, or even a friend, students need to have someone in their corner that they know they can turn to.

LifeTech Academy recognizes the importance of this support system and has taken steps to ensure that each learner knows they have people in their corner. Learners at LifeTech Academy have a learning coach, what we call our certified teachers, and an academic coach, to help support, set and successfully meet goals. Learners will work with their support team to create a personalized learning path that will make sure they are learning in a way that will be most beneficial to them.


Although online education is on the rise and becoming more and more common, it is still relatively new and in the development stage. With the pandemic and the uncertainty that comes along with it, more and more people are turning to online school to keep their children safe. Traditional schools that usually meet in person are quickly working to adapt to the online environment and facing many struggles along the way because they are new to online education.

In a time filled with uncertainty, your child’s education is not something you want to be unsure of. It is important to find an online school that is prepared to teach your learner.

Here at LifeTech Academy, online education is what we do. We have been providing exceptional online education to students for almost a decade. All of our learning coaches are Michiganders, certified by the state of Michigan and fully equipped to ease some of your uncertainty and give your learner a quality education experience.

Opportunity for Personal Development

One of the biggest indicators of a quality education is the opportunity to develop not only on an academic level, but personally as well. Building those soft skills that are necessary to succeed in life after school is very important and often overlooked by many schools. After graduation, learners are going to need strong communication skills, know how to work in a team and individual setting, be able to speak confidently to positively represent their ideas and work. These are everyday skills that will help them excel in the post-grad work environment.

Finding a school that focuses just as much on personal development as they do academic achievement is often a difficult task. All LifeTech Academy learners get the opportunity to take a Dale Carnegie training course. This course helps them to develop as individuals and learn these soft skills but also focuses on mental health and handling stress and worry.

What is Dale Carnegie Training?

Dale Carnegie was the father of the self-help movement. The Dale Carnegie training course that LifeTech learners will take has the following outcomes: How to handle stress and worry, sharpening people and communication skills, and self-confidence. Dale Carnegie training techniques are constantly evolving to ensure success, but the core principles remain the same and all correlate to one vision: transformation begins within.

This training has over 100 years of proven success. The course focuses on behavior change and getting out of your comfort zone in order to grow. There are five drivers of success that the training teaches:

Does anyone feel like they need more self confidence?

Stronger people skills?

Improved communication skills?

Developing better leadership skills?

Want to reduce stress and improve your attitude?

These are the five main areas that the students will be focusing on growing. The program is tailored to each individual and provides them with a competitive edge in the job market after graduation. When looking for a school for your kids, you want the best. LifeTech Academy develops the learner as a whole by focusing on both academic and personal development.

Learning Environment

Making sure that educators are providing a nurturing learning environment is very important and can make or break the experience a student has. Especially when considering an online school it is important that the site is user friendly and easy to navigate. It should be easy to communicate with your classmates, teachers and administrators.

Providing a positive environment is very important. Negativity in a learning environment can directly impact the ability of a student to get the most out of their education. According to Youth.gov, “Negative school climate is tied to multiple negative outcomes for students and has been shown to exacerbate harmful behavior and diminish achievement.” Some other negative outcomes listed on their site are decreased graduation rates, low achievement, increased opportunity for bullying and violence, lower self esteem and depression.

 The learning environment at LifeTech Academy is built around acceptance of everyone. Learners know that they are in a safe place and surrounded by people that want to see them succeed.

“The kids would always try to poke fun at me at my last school, so I decided to come to LifeTech and didn’t have any of those issues!”

– Jacob Smith, learner

This change in environment has led to complete transformation in the success rate of students. To give your student the best education they can get, make sure they are at a school that has support systems in place, experience to offer the best, a focus on individual growth as well as academics, and a learning environment that allows learners to prosper.

If you’re choosing to be home, choose LifeTech Academy.


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