The Difference Between Homeschool and School at Home

Emily Charles

Emily Charles

LifeTech Academy Blogger

“I have to work all day, I can’t be a homeschool parent”

“I’m not prepared to be a teacher for my kids”

These are thoughts running through many parents’ minds when they think about what the fall is going to bring. Having your kids at home this fall for school is a very real possibility and it has a lot of parents worried. They are worried that their children will not be getting the same quality education they would be if it were in person. Worried about whether they are cut out to be a homeschool parent. We have some idea of what we are up against: uncertainty, cancellations, restrictions, changes, inconveniences, and disappointments. But we cannot let these get the upper hand! These are uncertain times and when it comes to the education your kids are getting, it is not something you want to be unsure of. But just because your kids are going to be doing school at home it does not mean that you need to be their teacher at home too. 

There is a common misconception that all schooling at home falls into the category of “homeschooling”. When you decide to homeschool, you are deciding to choose and teach a curriculum to your child at home instead of sending them to a traditional public school. This requires a lot of work on the parent’s part and is commonly what people think their child learning at home will mean. The good news is that there are other ways for your child to learn at home where parents can be just as involved as they want to be!

School at home does not necessarily mean the same as what you know as “homeschool”. LifeTech Academy is a completely free online public charter school where your kids can get a quality education and you can be just as involved as you want to be. LifeTech has the people and the resources to provide everything your learner needs to be successful. But if you would prefer to be more involved in your student’s learning, that’s just a conversation to be had with one of our learning coaches and we can make that happen. 

When your child attends LifeTech Academy they will be learning completely online and from home, but as a parent you don’t have to be solely responsible for your learner’s education. Of course, we encourage parents to be involved and show an interest in what the kids are learning, but it is not at the same level required to homeschool.  

LifeTech Academy takes the time to meet with each and every learner to match them with a curriculum that is best for them. Each Learner will have a learning coach, what we refer to our certified teachers as, and an academic coach who will help them set and meet their academic and personal goals. When it comes to virtual schooling, that is all we do! We are prepared to teach online this fall and have a very organized and proven system for educating k-12 learners across the state of Michigan. Your child will have a support system with them every step of the way and our team at LifeTech will be there to make learning from home as seamless as possible. 

If you’re choosing to be home, choose LifeTech.

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