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LifeTech Academy offers Learners the opportunity to study and complete assignments all year long. For some, that means using the summer months to catch up on schoolwork, and for others it is extra time that is used to get ahead. Regardless of what option works best for your family, Assistant Director of Learner Programming, Beth Marcus, has compiled 5 tips to help set you up for success. 

1. Get Organized
“Set a target date for when you want to complete your work,” Marcus said. “Count lessons, assignments, or activities, left in each course and plan out how many each day you need to complete to reach your goals!  Your mentor can help you.”
2. Prioritize 
“Plan your day to complete your work before enjoying your summer activities,” Marcus added. “Think of it as your reward for sticking to your goal!”
3. Get Support
“If you have not been meeting with your mentor regularly, start this summer by having your mentor guide, encourage and support you,” Marcus said. “If you have been meeting regularly, continue to meet with your mentor each week and talk to them about a plan or other strategies to complete your work.” 
4. Create Incentives 
“Talk to your parents about creating some kind of an incentive. reward, or activity, upon reaching your goals,” Marcus suggested.
5. Track Progress 
“Make a checklist of assignments and check them off as you complete them,” Marcus said. “Some platforms offer course reports. You could print them out, put it where you will see it everyday, and track your successes every day! “
If you would like any help, or if you have any questions, please reach out to your support team. We hope you are having a wonderful summer! 



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